Production of epidemic prevention equipment
Toll-free calls
Technologies to stop the spread of virus
For quick hand disinfection
With temperature meter and air purification system
Own production facility of 5,000 m² near Moscow
Production and delivery time from 14 days
Warranty from 1 to 5 years
Take care of your team and customers
In every Sanitar model
Non-contact release
Certified sanitizer
Aerosol system
The device design allows you to get sanitizer without touching the device body with your hands
Certified sanitizer that does not dry skin
Saves consumption of sanitizer and distributes sanitizer over the entire surface of your hands
Steel anti-vandal body
Protects you from financial losses
Increase recognition of and confidence in your company
Wall-mounted and rack-mounted for easy location at any place
Two mounting options
Body branding
Benefits of using non-contact sanitizers
Water saving
Paper towels saving
Decrease in consumption of antibacterial wipes
Application for phone and computer
Ability to view the status of each device in your account. Information that the sanitizer is over comes by email
In addition, on the device body there is a light that flashes on when it is necessary to replace sanitizer
Compact hardware
Compact size
Mobile application that sends information to all devices that the sanitizer is over
Stylish design
3,125 times of using
Body: anti-vandal
Material: metal
Color: according to RAL catalog
Provided with:
• non-contact thermometer
• sanitizer spray dispenser
from $422
Sanitar Digital
With Full HD screen
Digital display shows how to deal with the spread of the virus
Mobile application that sends information to all devices that the sanitizer is over
A color screen can be used for displaying commercial advertising
Ability to manage information and advertising using the mobile application
3,125 times of using
Digital display: 24 inches Full HD
Body: anti-vandal
Material: metal
Color: according to RAL catalog
Provided with:
non-contact thermometer
sanitizer spray dispenser
media player
from $704
Sanitar Pro
Multifunctional complex
Availability of a non-contact thermometer for measuring temperature
Ultraviolet lamp disinfects the hand sanitizing compartment
Air ionizer
Mobile application that sends information to all devices that the sanitizer is over
18,750 times of using
Material: metal
Color: according to RAL catalog
Provided with:
• non-contact thermometer
• sanitizer spray dispenser
• backlight of the place for hands
• media player
• ultraviolet lamp
• fluid level sensor
in a set with Arduino
from $817
• increased tank capacity
• ionizer
• Digital display and backlight of the body
• rubber-tired castors
• branding
• anchoring
IMMUNO Pandemic Prevention Booth
Temperature measurement
Antiseptic provision
Mask provision
Bactericidal air purifier
Module for disabled people

Display: 32 inches Full HD
IR-frame: 10 touches
Computer: Intel Core i3, RAM 4 GB DDR4, SSD 120 GB, Wi-Fi
Software: provided with
Material: metal
Colour: according to RAL catalogue
Provided with:
• non-contact thermometer
• dispenser for antiseptic
from $2 535
• mask dispenser
• thermal printer
• payment terminal
• fiscal memory device
• photofixation module
• induction loop
• card dispenser
Payment with a bank card
Cheque printing
Testing for primary disease signs
Providing important information about the infection
Container: 2.5 l (7,575 uses)
IMMUNO Mini Scanner for the Security System
Face ID function
Temperature determination
Identification of the presence of a mask on the face
Integration with ACS
Entry blocking when
a violation is detected

Display: 7-8 inches Full HD
Computer: Quad-core 1.8 GHz, RAM 2 GB, internal memory 8 GB, Wi-Fi
Optimum distance to the target: 1-3 m
Software: provided with
Optional equipment: binocular biometric camera
from $2 112
• floor stand
VendMed Vending
Piece delivery of any goods
Fast payment for goods
Queue reduction
Space saving due to compact size

Product volume: 57 units /76 units /912 units
Number of levels: 3 units /4 units /
6 units
Number of coils on one level: 8 units
Material: metal
Colour: according to RAL catalogue
Software for payment with card and provision of goods: provided with
Optional equipment: display indicator; metal keyboard for entering the product number; information screen: 21.5 inches; glass PCAP – 10 touches; computer: Intel Pentium, SSD 120 GB, DDR4 4 GB; anti-vandal lock, sliding and inclined shelves for goods with the ability to change the level of shelves.

from $915
• cash acceptor (for 200 pieces)
• pos terminal
• fiscal memory device
• thermal printer
• increasing the number of levels and coils
• GSM modem for vending machines
• software for monitoring the status of vending and goods
• goods dispensing sensor
• lightbox
• adjustable legs
• LED lights
• branding

HealthyCab Sanitizing Booth
360° body sanitizing
Mist irrigation injection system (clothes will remain dry!)
Organization of access system to the room
Safe for health and clothing

Construction dimensions (m): 1.2х2.15х1.2 / 1.8х1.2х2.3
Material: metal profile, banner fabric / steel, aluminium
Container volume (l): 18 / 20 / 200
Number of injection nozzles 0.3 mm, anti-drop: 6 units
Flow rate per 1 nozzle: 0.05 gram/min
Number of processing loops: 1 unit
Connection settings: 50/220 Hz/V
Additional components: low pressure tubes, starter fitting, tee-joint fitting, low pressure pump unit, plug, motion sensor, pipe fixing components.

from $2 253
• increased construction dimensions
• increased container capacity
• шncreased number of nozzles
• branding
• sanitizer
• sanitar hand sanitizer
• IP65 LED-based lighting
Non-contact temperature measurement
Face ID for access to an object, face recognition and data storage
Container level sensor
Motion sensor
Alarm system
Throughput: 12 people per min
Processing time per 1 person: 5 seconds to 2 minutes
Potok Smart Thermal Imager
Detection of an infected person from the stream
Saving data on the cloud server
Demonstration on the administrator PC of people in the stream
Instant notification of the facility employees to prevent the spread
of the virus

Software: provided with
Material: metal
(show variety) +- 0.1 - 0.3 degree
Range of action: 0.5 - 1 meter, 3-7 meters/ 4-8 meters
Scale range: 20 to 50 degrees / 30 to 45 degrees
Optional equipment: Intel Core i3 laptop, a multivisor, an infrared thermal imager, an integrated anti-vandal keyboard, a 21.5-inch Full HD display, an IR frame – 10 touches, Intel Core i5 computer.

Potok Max Arch Kit:
IR thermal imaging camera for measuring temperature (combines infrared thermal imaging, network transmission, AI face recognition and temperature correction technology)

LCD display

Built-in mini-computer with iData-Potok-T

from $12 676
2 years warranty for all sanitizers
Extended warranty
Sanitizer refilling and maintenance
Training your employees
You can additionally buy BM Care program for 3-5 years
24/7 common technical support service throughout Russia
How to operate the equipment
Leave a request for
a quotation
We will prepare the quotation and send it to you already today
A personal manager is assigned for each client
He accompanies you from drawing design to commissioning, maintenance and software support
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Delivery within Russia, the CIS and the world by a transport company
Free delivery within Moscow
RCS and cargo insurance as a gift
Free delivery to the terminal of the transport company for other cities
You can always pick up goods yourself at the location of our production facility:
Before picking up, it is necessary to check with the manager the readiness of the goods for shipment.
9 Stepana Stepanova street, Lytkarino, Moscow Region
You order sanitizers directly from the factory
For you, it means
• The manufacturer's prices
• Sanitizers are always available
• All products are tested, and rule out defects
m² of production area
Units of equipment per month
Projects implemented
About the company
The supplier recommended by Minpromtorg catalog
The leader of the Russian market in manufacture of interactive equipment
Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Association "National Congress Bureau"
Supplies for state and commercial organizations for more than 5 years
In 2019, the company's factory produced more than 2,000 interactive devices
CCI membership card
Certificate of conformity
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